A flexible 2.1" 240x146 full-color (ACeP) OTFT E Ink display, suitable for IoT, wearables or smart cards.

The bending radius is 30 mm for the display area and 40 mm for the chip area

A development kit which includes the Feather nRF52840 Express, a custom Plastic Logic Feather Shield, a single 2.1-inch Legio EPD display, a Micro USB Cable and a Quick Start Guide is available.

Panel name: PLL210-240146LC

Type: e-Paper display

Production status: MP

Availability: Shipping

Flexibility: Bendable

Touch panel: Optional

Shape: Rectangle

Panel size: 52.78 x 40.48 (mm)

Thickness: 0.53 mm

Active area size: 46.08 x 28.03 (mm)

Weight: 0 grams

Resolution: 240 x 146

Diagonal size: 2.12 inches

PPI: 132

Color: 3 colors (Red, blue, green, yellow plus black and white)

Interfaces: 3-wire SPI, 4-wire SPI

Controller: Ultrachip UC8156

Panel images:

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