An almost square 3.92-inch 1080x1240 (FHD+) AMOLED display, with an integrated touch panel.

The panel has no off-the-shelf module design, so customers will need to customize a new module level design (FPC / cover glass). FOG Samples without cover glass are available for customer testing.

Panel name: Vsx392-10801240

Type: AMOLED display

Production status: MP

Availability: Shipping (no module yet)

Touch panel: Capacitive

Shape: Rectangle

Panel size: 67.25 x 79.87 (mm)

Thickness: 0.7 mm

Active area size: 65.45 x 75.14 (mm)

Weight: 0 grams

Brightness: 430 cd/m2

Resolution: 1080 x 1240

Diagonal size: 3.92 inches

PPI: 419

Color: 16.7m colors

Controller: RM692C9 (TP IC: SW42000)

Panel images:

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