3.2" white 256x64 PMOLED

Panel name: Rit320-25664

Type: Graphic PMOLED

Production status: MP

Shape: Rectangle

Panel size: 87.4 x 28.5 (mm)

Thickness: 2.01 mm

Active area size: 79.08 x 19.76 (mm)

Weight: 1.44 grams

Brightness: 70 cd/m2

Temperature range

Storage: from -40° to 85° Celsius

Operating: from -40° to 70° Celsius

Resolution: 256 x 64

Diagonal size: 3.2 inches

PPI: 82

Pixel Pitch: 308 um

Color: Monochrome (White)

Interfaces: Parallel, 3-wire SPI

Panel images:

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